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17 June 2019

Led trasparent

Both for indoor and outdoor use, the transparent LED panels ensure an optimal optical effect thanks to the semi-transparent lattice conformation, which allows images and videos […]
10 June 2019

Led tables

Ideal for decorating large outdoor spaces (such as gardens and pergolas) or to embellish events such as weddings, ceremonies or corporate parties, the LED tables are […]
5 June 2019

Led floors

If you want to surprise the audience of an event with spectacular effects or animate the atmosphere of a room with a digital mapping, the LED […]
20 February 2018

How electronic voting for hire works

The electronic voting systems   they are more and more widespread in many circumstances where it is necessary to express a preference. Digitization and the new […]
15 February 2018

Professional video recording of your event: why?

Video recordings to events Your event is important, whatever it is. For this reason   Tecno Service   is by your side to make professional video […]
5 February 2018

Video mapping how much does it cost?

Videomapping : a new use of light The videomapping is an animation technique that in recent years has been a great success in countless areas. It […]
25 January 2018

Difference led screen and video wall for big events

Led screen or video wall : what to know Major events are manifestations that imply the presence of numerous people within very large spaces, which can […]