Tecno service

Everything started more than 30 years ago

Tecnoservice was born in the mid-1980s with the management of some congresses and marks a significant step in the year 2000 with the creation of an organized and dimensioned structure that has enabled us to face large-scale events throughout the whole country and also internationally. We are able to meet any technical and logistical requirements by providing advanced digital equipment in addition to highly specialized personnel.

Tecnoservice is a professional audio , video and light service provider

for events, fairs and conferences of any reach and size, is able to handle events for any kind of clientele such as companies, agencies, hotels, congress centers and even surgeons. Over the years, we have worked at bank assemblies, institutional political conferences rather than doctors, with particular attention to live surgery and operating rooms, fairs and in particular we manage great events and shows. We have a twenty-year experience in fashion shows and corporate conventions.

We aim to achieve excellence in any project the company wants to make, and to offer solutions that combine aesthetics and concreteness. Being an ideal, reliable, innovative, expert partner ready to meet all customers’ requirements. Our know-how is in the service of your needs. .

Our team

Enrico Verdari
General Manager
Matteo Frittaion
General Sales Manager
Alberto Zuppini
Sales Manager
Martina Bonetti
Sales Assistant
Claudia Adami
Sales Assistant
Damiano Bombieri
Financial Manager
Edoardo Verdari
General Logistic Manager
Nicolas Alberti
Logistic Manager
Matteo Da Pian
Project Manager
Thomas Da Col
Broadcast TV Specialist
Alex Rodermond
Audio | Video Specialist
Giuseppe De Vito
Lights | Rigging Specialist
Francesco Mirandola
Audio | Translation Specialist
Alessandro Melotti
Audio | Video Specialist
Nicola Filippini
Led Screen Specialist
Matteo Tomelleri
Giulio Allari
Lights | Light Designer
Mario Lotti
Video | Media server Specialist