Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand

Tecnoservice thanks to the technologies in its possession is able to set up exhibition stands of great impact and visibility. Many years of experience in the trade fair sector sees us present in the main national and international events, thus optimizing the logistics of materials and personnel necessary for the installation and assistance of our customers.

Thanks to our geographical positioning we are able to quickly reach the main Italian and European trade fair venues. Official suppliers of the Verona Fair since 2019 we have perfectly acquired the methods and dynamics of this environment.

We are able to merge various technologies on the market in our possession within a single environment such as video mapping, led screens, customized totems composed of transparent led screens and large lcd screens, capacitive led floors and holographic fans of various sizes all managed by the most powerful media servers that can be programmed and calibrated for every need.

The ability to manage complex and articulated stands is our greatest pride.

Each installation represents a challenge whether it is a showcase or a stand, we are able to complete it.

Thanks to skilful programming and creativity, we can make your stand truly unique, able to communicate the desired message through screens, light projections and sound, even making your audience interact with the technologies installed.

We have won several awards for the best installation within an event, thanks also to the excellent collaboration with the fitters who are the allies par excellence in this environment.

Careful planning combined with great consultancy makes possible what was not even thought possible because we believe that unity is strength and can really make a difference.

Inextricably linked to technology we are constantly looking for the best products available on the market to always offer the best.

For example, thanks to our brand new indoor and outdoor LED we are able to create screens of enormous dimensions both concave and convex but also with 90° angles with a rounded surface.

An absolute novelty that will allow you to conceive absolutely unique forms of LED screens with an image continuity never seen before.

HDR color depth and television studio refresh are just some of the features of this new product and don't worry if something goes wrong the maintenance of can be done both front and rear so there will be nothing that will put fix your installation!