Web Live Studio

Web live Studio

Tecnoservice in its Verona office provides a studio set up for Live Streaming events. A complete service to communicate effectively with your remote audience, respecting the regulations currently in force.

You will have the sensation of immersing yourself in a TV set made expressly for you and the needs of your virtual event. The television format will let you to broadcast a fully-fledged production, capable of grabbing the attention of the audience at home. Geographical distances will be no longer an issue! We will connect you and your users around the world, thus making the event interactive and dynamic.

We will be able to send your event on-air on multiple communication channels such as social media, take advantage of players such as Youtube, or use private channels to get the best results reaching your audience.
We can also provide you fully customizable web-portals. Whether you want to do a live event or record it record it and work on it in another time, we will help you to choose the right tools to create your virtual event as effective as possible.
Our studio is a dynamic and fully customizable setting, you can draw on the modern technologies and highly specialized technical staff who will allow you to feed your imagination!
You will not have to worry about carrying materials or hosting staff. In this way you will be able to create your own set-up from scratch or take advantage of the existing one.

You will find a large area of 400sqm fully equipped. The studio will already be set up with a 2.9mm pitch led screen, video direction and broadcast cameras, Barco E2 graphic direction, lighting direction with LED lights, microphones, digital mixer, web direction for the management of all signals, fiber optic connectivity and black box structure, furnishing and staff to carry out the event.

If you want to overdo you can choose to customize your set-up and give vent to the imagination, you can let us create incredible 3D virtual scenarios managed with the powerful Unreal software combined with camera tracking or extend the scene with the floor or transparent led. We can host any type of event that starts from the convention to the fashion show, from product presentation to video clips. Do not worry if you bring a truck or any large vehicle, the access is 6x4.5m.


We will be happy to host you in our office! You will have a dedicated meeting room that you can use as a backstage or as a social media area, in order to take a few breaks we have created a coffee and dining area for exclusive use, as well as two dressing rooms for your speakers. Thanks to our set-up you will be able to optimize each process which will allow you to save time and money!

Riusciremo ad entrare subito nel mood del tuo evento virtuale ed essere così pronti per iniziare le prove.
We will be able to immediately get into the mood of your virtual event and be ready to start rehearsals.
Thanks to the most modern and high quality technologies combined with a professional staff who will guide you at every single step you can create a successful online event, make the difference and finally communicate with your audience as you have always done in the past!

You will enter an environment totally suitable for the period with all the anti Covid PPE present starting from the thermoscanner at the entrance for measuring body temperature, sanitizing gel, masks and gloves, so you can feel free to focus on your event without worrying about anything.
You can also ask us for help on hotel reservations and services such as transfers and catering reservations as well as implementations for design furniture. The web live studio is located inside our headquarters and therefore very close to the Verona Est motorway exit.
Do you want to create a virtual event at your company? No problem!
We come to prepare the ideal set-up for you based on your spaces and availability. We own only the highest quality professional equipment.

Web Live Studios is for you! Conventions and conferences, workshops and webinairs, meetings, product launches, fashion shows and technical presentations, online courses, video clips and commercials. The studio features the following technologies and equipment:

- Lighting and video systems, 2.9 wrap-around led screen, Watchout media server, Barco E2 graphic mixer
- HD broadcast video direction and Unreal 3D virtual studio and camera tracking
- Quality audio system for clear and clean communication
- Floor-mounted led-floor and transparent led
- Fiber optic and wi-fi connectivity
- Television set direction
- 5 technical areas available 1 TV studio, 2 dressing rooms, 1 meeting room, 1 coffee relax area
- Black Box of 200sqm configurable at will
- Black carpet and supply of chairs and tables for your staff