Led Display Resale

Led Display Resale

Tecnoservice is the right company to rely on for advice and choice when purchasing professional led displays

We sell and install led screens of any type for professional or commercial use and entertainment

No limit to sizes and resolutions, shapes or use of use.

We are equipped with a specific laboratory for the customization and distribution of the individual LEDs, ensuring maximum professionalism and high quality standards.

Tecnoservice is in direct contact with the major manufacturing companies and we import directly thanks to dedicated commercial channels.

Thanks to the constant search for the best products, we are always able to offer the best quality / price ratio thanks also to the high experience gained in the world of service.

High resolution Led display
Ideal product for fixed indoor installation as broadcast studio TV, it requires very little space to be installed, easy maintenance and installation to ensure a perfectly uniform image

Display Led outdoor
Ideal product for large outdoor advertising applications
Solutions for sports facilities also on the sidelines

Display Led Magnetic and Flexible
Ideal product for installations with limited spaces
Creative applications available in various formats and sizes

Display Led Rental Curvable and Corner
Light and robust product suitable for the indoor / outdoor rental world
Curvable and easy to maintain thanks to the magnetic modules
Possibility of realizing installations with 90 ° angles thanks to special modules

Display Led Floor
Walkable and interactive product for special applications
Extremely short response times, high stability and wide viewing angles
Large load capacity up to 2000 kg/m2

Display Led Transparent
Semi-transparent product for indoor/outdoor rental installations
Light and robust thanks to the aluminum frame it also has high resolutions

Holofan led
Product capable of generating holographic images
Thanks to its uniqueness, the LEDs are installed on a rotating support