Installazioni fisse

Fixed installations

Ledwall / videowall Maxi screens
Design and sale of indoor and outdoor led screens for the most varied needs, very high resolution video wall screens for maxi projections of any size.

Video mapping and large screenings
The magic of videomapping creates a unique and unforgettable experience. We install the projectors and create the video content for your installation, be it an exhibition or an amusement park .. the only limit is fantasy.

Multimedia audio / video systems
We design professional solutions for various environments from corporate to conference centers as well as for public companies, museums, integrated audio video systems will no longer be a problem.

Digital signage
We design content management systems for different visualization media. Each schedule can become difficult to manage if not controlled by an adequate infrastructure.

Home Automation
Thanks to customized interfaces it will be possible to manage and control countless devices by creating suitable layouts for every type of need, optimizing consumption and durability for greater efficiency and high speed of execution.

Having a video conferencing system means being able to communicate quickly and efficiently. The latest generation models allow communication even from mobile devices without sacrificing the performance and performance of wired systems.

Conference streaming & on demand
Never before has the use of online web streaming made it possible to share content from any mobile device: entire parliamentary sessions or training sessions can be viewed directly on the web and it is also possible to index data storage by indicating the main search keys.

Body temperature measurement and facial recognition
Useful system to detect body temperature thanks to an I/R camera that can also recognize the participants' faces.