Professional video recording of your event: why?

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5 February 2018
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Professional video recording of your event: why?

Video recordings to events
Your event is important, whatever it is. For this reason   Tecno Service   is by your side to make professional video recording with the best instrumentation on the market. For over 20 years we have been supplying the   audio and video service   to create a functional and efficient support structure for any event: from company meetings to training courses, to musical and theatrical performances and fashion shows, we can face any situation by realizing the   video recording of your event .

Why is it important to professionally record an event?
We reverse the question: why is an event not expected to be recorded? Who works in this sector knows perfectly the logic that moves it and knows that whatever happens during an event, both on stage and in the audience, can become a key element for the future or, in any case, can be useful in different ways .   Register professionally   an event means keeping an objective historical memory of what has happened: there are many reasons why this can be important but let’s go in order.
We take into consideration the conventions or company meetings : during these assemblies topics are discussed that usually have a crucial importance for the company or for the body that organized them. Being able to review at any time everything that was said and done during the meeting is often a source of ideas for the future but also considerations to start a road to improvement for the future. Moreover, every company and every body should always have an objective trace of everything that happened during an event, also as a form of protection against possible future grievances.
The same applies to entertainment events such as presentation parties, fashion shows or concerts: the   registration is the basis of any organization because it is the only tool through which the promoters of the event can objectively review everything that happened during the event, being unable to be simultaneously in the entire area used for the event . It is a way to understand where we can improve , what the margins of growth for the future may be, identifying the difficulties and gaps that have arisen on that specific occasion.
However, beyond the organizational importance that can have it   video recording of your event , it is important to consider also the most purely economic and practical aspect of this matter, namely the sale of video material produced during the event.
Why do we need to sell the recordings of an event? There are many figures that may be interested in buying the shots made during your event, whatever it is. In the case of a meeting or a convention, for example, the speakers who took turns on the stage may want to have a memory of the experience, also from a professional point of view, so they might ask you to acquire the images of the event. The same could happen if you organize a training meeting: in those cases all the participants, not just the speakers, may be interested in having a copy of the meeting. Indeed, from experience we can state with knowledge that most of the customers who in the past have turned to us for the realization of   professional video recordings during a training event , they proposed to the members themselves the purchase of recorded video material, often essential for teaching purposes.
Leaving out momentarily the company meetings and conventions, the professional video recording of your event is also very important from the point of view of promoting the organization, company or body: advertising purposes are one of the main reasons for which we rely on us for the realization of professional shooting.

How to perform professional shooting?
Our professional video recording service of your event involves the use of different cameras with different orientation in order to have varied shots to be used at the time of editing for the production of a highly professional video. In this regard, to support the video equipment we also use the audio equipment at the height, depending on the environment in which we have to shoot, so as to also have a professional voice input that better supports the images made. Based on the event we are called to resume we use   different types of rooms , from fixed to steady, as well as drones for even more impressive shots . It is enough to think about the professional equipment we use to make professional filming and to the professionals of the trade that execute them to understand the importance that a well-made job has for us; obviously, during filming, especially for the most important events , the cameramen and the audio service is managed by an on-site director who coordinates each operator to obtain a result of excellence. The quality of the images is fundamental to transmit a professional image of the event st it and it is also for this reason that, upon request, we can take care of the video editing ourselves or we can deliver the raw recordings on different digital media.
The reasons why you should always make professional registration of your event, and not rely on improvised operators, are numerous and fundamental for the success of the event itself. Contact us for more information!

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