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5 June 2019
Led trasparent
17 June 2019

Led tables

Ideal for decorating large outdoor spaces (such as gardens and pergolas) or to embellish events such as weddings, ceremonies or corporate parties, the LED tables are an element of decoration perfect for any environment. To make them suitable for the most disparate needs, these tables have different shapes and designs, all of which share a last-generation structure and technology.

Some types of LED tables are in fact made of sheets of tempered glass, or other particularly resistant material, inside which a variable number of LEDs is housed. Clearly, the color of the LEDs is variable, so as to allow light effects that are well suited to the type of event or location.

Ideal for launching products during a convention rather than as video / graphic effects in a corporate event, the LED table is certainly an innovative and very effective tool, ensuring awe and stimulating the curiosity of all participants.

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