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20 February 2018
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10 June 2019

Led floors

If you want to surprise the audience of an event with spectacular effects or animate the atmosphere of a room with a digital mapping, the LED floors are really the perfect solution. In fact, imagine walking on funny animated projections or hypnotic plays of light, made possible by an advanced technology of the modules that make up the walkable LED walls of Tecno Service Verdari.

Each individual module is composed of an aluminum frame (500×500), which can be linked to the other frames without joints, simply by placing them side by side. Despite this, each module can be individually dismantled for maintenance and / or repair work, without having to involve nearby Ledwalls. Being fixed thanks to magnets, the module can be easily replaced in just three seconds, thus reducing maintenance time and improving performance efficiency.

The structure of the LED floors is especially surprising, made of a highly transparent and wear-resistant material. This avant-garde composition essentially has two advantages:

greater assembly accuracy, which is carried out without visible (and potentially annoying, image rendering) joints. This results in a uniform and excellent light transmission, without any color difference between one module and another. Indeed, it is the uniformity of the color that amazes us, which remains constant even from different points of view
– excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear performance, thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the material.

All the modules of the LED floors are therefore made of highly resistant material, with a load capacity of over 2000 Kg / Mq. The waterproof design also ensures applications in any context, both indoor and outdoor.

The real strength of the walkable Ledwall is undoubtedly the interactive effect it ensures. Thanks to an advanced technology, it is possible to create real interactive games through the modules that make up the floors: a carefully patented human / machine interaction system and the supply of 16 sensors for each module ensure response times of even less than 0.01 seconds, so as to ensure the involvement and enjoyment of the public of all kinds of events.

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