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10 June 2019

Led trasparent

Both for indoor and outdoor use, the transparent LED panels ensure an optimal optical effect thanks to the semi-transparent lattice conformation, which allows images and videos of all kinds to be transmitted. This particular visual effect explains why the transparent LED is used above all in the digital / retail signage and visual merchandising sectors, especially for shop windows or shop windows and shopping centers.

More in detail, the optical effect is ensured by a smooth and semi-transparent surface of a double-sided hardened PC panel, characterized by total permeability which makes the transparent LED well suited for outdoor installations -. Furthermore, the screen is subjected to a particular surface treatment, which makes it well resistant to humidity, fire and shocks of any kind. In the case of external use, in fact, this display guarantees both a degree of protection IP65 and excellent resistance to rain, thus ensuring a job in total safety.

To ensure high quality performance, the transparent LED displays are characterized by a particularly light structure, so as to ensure a fixed installation or to allow the possibility of being raised. Precisely to facilitate installation, the panels are equipped with a standard 1000×500 mm aluminum cabinet – inside which there is a power supply and signal reception boards – which also allow a simple and intuitive connection between a module and the other. To guarantee excellent performance, the cabinet is structured in such a way as to ensure excellent heat dissipation and extremely stable performance. In this way, transparent LED displays allow images to be transmitted transparently, creating a unique optical effect.

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