Video mapping how much does it cost?

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25 January 2018
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Video mapping how much does it cost?

Videomapping : a new use of light
The videomapping is an animation technique that in recent years has been a great success in countless areas. It represents the new frontier in the use of lighting and its versatility is undoubtedly an important part of its enormous diffusion. In fact, videomapping can be performed on any surface, which is immediately transformed into a display on which shapes and animations are projected. The whole process takes place in digital form, so the processing is managed through a specific software that designs the animation according to the type of available surface: with the videomapping all possible lighting effects can be realized, from the most amusing animations to shapes or simple urban street lighting. The videomapping has in its 3D structure another of its most important strong points: it is the best solution to create scenographies, even complex, without the burden of dealing with physical structures, which in addition to being cumbersome and expensive require time to be assembled and disassembled, then manpower and additional costs.

How much is videomapping ?
In many respects, therefore, videomapping seems to be the definitive answer to many problems: it is practical, versatile and the animation can be modified at any time by intervening on the creation software. But what is videomapping ? This question is not simple to answer, because there are several elements that must be evaluated to create an accurate estimate. Go to ò SPECIFICALLY to one thing: the videomapping is much cheaper than imagined! Every time a customer turns to us for a videomapping project, he is amazed when we present him the cost estimate, because he sees the results and sees the final effect, anyone expects this work to have a cost much higher. It all depends on the complexity of the work that is commissioned, of course: the simple projection of an animation or an optical effect on a surface, whether the facade of a building or the wall of an exhibition center, requires only the design of the animation and rental of the projector for the final realization of the work. A more complex project like an animation that requires musical synchro , the strobe effects and so on, all achievable with videomapping , obviously requires an extra effort and the use of other equipment and specialized personnel that, therefore, makes climb the final price of the project. Banalizing everything and reducing the topic of videomapping cost to the minimum terms, we can say that we start from a base of less than 5000 euros to get up to 20,000 for very complex jobs . Obviously, the only way to know exactly the price of your videomapping project is to ask for a personalized quote, speaking directly with an expert, who will accurately indicate costs and services. Our company is aimed at anyone who wants to make a videomapping for events, parties or as a permanent installation. We have at our disposal the most modern equipment and the most advanced technologies to satisfy any request of our clients , drawing on a long experience that we have gained in the field in all these years of activity in the sector. We create blocked estimates, which once delivered to the customer and accepted by them are not subsequently modified, then we offer the clarity and security of a certain price and not variable, if not in relation to changes that may be required during construction from the customer. Making an exact estimate of the videomapping cost is not possible without a comparison with the cl ient.

The timing of a videomapping project : how much do they affect costs?
For the evaluation of the cost of a videomapping project we must never forget that it is an artistic work and, as such, has its own time. The videomapping, in fact, although the final in the effect appears as a simple projection on a surface, in reality à to be realized requires a considerable expenditure of energy and professionalism. First of all, in fact, there must be the knowledge of the equipment for its realization, which are not only projectors or design software, because when you have to do with a project of a certain type there is also a great work of direction that must be made for the success of the project. The labored olt à an installation of videomapping is evident from the fact that for every minute of animation are required a total of from 8 to 24 hours of processing when you consider the commitment of all the professionals who are called to its realization. Obviously, everything depends on the type of project and its complexity, but at these hours must be added the practical ones, ie those dedicated to the possible preparation of the surface and its mapping. To conclude the discussion of time and costs, it must be considered that in some cases videomapping it is used in a spot mode, then as a setting for an evening or an event, while in other cases it is required as a permanent or semi-permanent installation: obviously the costs are calculated differently in one or the other case, because the equipment hire follows very different logics and it is necessary to personalize the service contract on the basis of every need, always remembering that every videomappin project g it is personalized and the same work can never be reused exactly as it was originally designed for a different project.

For this reason, we invite you to contact us to request a personalized quote and more specific information

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