Characterized by a total permeability that makes the Led transparent suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, the screen is subjected to a particular surface treatment, which makes it well resistant to humidity. In the case of external use, in fact, this display guarantees a IP65 degree of protection and excellent resistance to rain,
To ensure high quality performance, the transparent LED displays are characterized by a high brightness and a particularly light structure, in fact the panels are equipped with an aluminum cabinet of standard dimensions 1000 × 500 mm that also allow a simple and intuitive connection between one module and the other.

All the modules of the LED floors are therefore made of highly resistant material, with a load capacity of over 2000 Kg / Mq. The waterproof design also ensures applications in any context, both indoor and outdoor.
The real strength of the walkable Ledwall is undoubtedly the interactive effect it ensures. Thanks to an advanced technology, it is possible to create real interactive games through the modules that make up the floors: a carefully patented human / machine interaction system and the allocation of 16 sensors for each module ensure response times of even less than 0.01 seconds, so as to ensure the involvement and enjoyment of the public of all kinds of events.

Exceptional image quality and high definition make this product ideal for any application; the die-cast aluminum frame ensures ruggedness and lightness on our led walls, and maintenance has never been easier as it is possible to work both from the front and from the back thanks to magnetic modules.

Events and Conventions showcase the LED walls permanently, ensuring high brightness and resolution, not forgetting the total freedom to customize the size of the system as needed.

With more than 500 square meters available, Tecnoservice lets you play with your imagination ... whether indoor or outdoor, you can install mega led screens wherever you want without worrying about too much natural or scene light or not having enough resolution, we suggest only the best with 2.9mm pitch or 4,4mm pitch for the outside.