Tecnoservice is a professional audio, video and light service provider for events, fairs and congresses of any reach and size.
We are able to satisfy every technical and logistical requirement by providing advanced equipment in addition to highly qualified staff.



Tecnoservice provides 1000sqm to create a TV studio that can be configured according to your needs with the most advanced technologies but without transport or overnight costs.
You can communicate through a real Format TV, we can host events, conferences, product launches, fashion shows, advertising sets and much more. Everything can be transmitted via web streaming platforms and advanced multiconference software, ensuring high interactivity even remotely. Contact us to find out the many benefits at exclusive prices.



After the lockdown, start again with your events ensuring greater safety for your participants.

Our systems for measuring body temperature and facial recognition are ideal for identifying unsuitable individuals. For your event: body temperature measurement system detecting at a distance of 5 meters up to 100 people / min. For your company: body temperature measurement system and facial / mask recognition.